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You fell in love, you're getting married, and now it's time to start another relationship. It's with us. It's going to get serious. You're going to fall in love.


See for yourself...

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"I don't even know where to begin with our amazing experience with Afton. I first started following her on Instagram after she coordinated the wedding of a friend and I was so impressed with all of the gorgeous, edgy, non-traditional weddings and styled shoots that she designed. In fact, I was so impressed with her that I hired her before I was actually engaged (lol). Afton didn't judge me for it and she understood my type A need for total organization, especially as I was moving 2000 miles away from sweet home Chicago and had some serious nerves (and control issues) about wedding planning from afar.

Afton and I worked together for two years and she truly made the planning process a dream. I have always had a hard time verbalizing and describing what I want/like and Afton brought forward so many ideas and options that matched my style perfectly. I don't know how she did it because I always felt like I was being vague and indecisive, but she always knew exactly what I meant and brought something even more amazing than I pictured to the table. All of the vendor suggestions she made were perfect for what we were envisioning and made it so easy to choose rather than sift through the hundreds of options in Chicago. When Afton showed us the mood board she created, it was beyond anything I could have ever come up with on my own but represented us perfectly as a couple.

Afton is the most organized person I have ever worked with, so professional and timely, very calm and collected, and incredibly stylish, cool, and FUN - all very important qualities in a wedding planner. Coming from someone who is generally very stressed out and anxious, the entire planning process was completely seamless and genuinely stress-free thanks to Afton.

The wedding day itself was truly magical. I cannot believe how stunning everything turned out from Afton's design and close work with our vendors and her assistant Leighann to ensure everything matched our vision. It was unreal. So many wedding guests raved it was the most beautiful wedding they have attended and it was just an incredible evening.

Afton and her team coordinated the day flawlessly, even in spite of some minor setbacks - My mother-in-law knocked over a vase, shattering glass and water all over, minutes before the ceremony start time. My wedding dress bustle was surprisingly very difficult and Afton was there, knelt on the ground with my bridesmaid helping to get it bustled. Afton remained calm and upbeat through it all which helped me relax and enjoy the incredible day. If I could go back, I wouldn't change a single thing and I am so happy that I chose Afton Events for our wedding. I have already referred her to two friends who are using her for their wedding and will continue to tell everyone I know who gets engaged that she is truly the best!"

Katie H. - married September 2022


"Working with Afton Events for my wedding was the best decision I could have made. As soon as I got engaged, I had an idea of what I wanted my wedding to be, but I was so overwhelmed by the process of getting organized and staying on track. When I first spoke to Afton, everything clicked! She was the perfect type A complement to my type B brain. From our first meeting, she reeled in my many ideas and helped me build a vision board that should honestly be framed! She is thorough and detail-oriented but with a creative eye for the big picture and she had a gameplan for every step of the way. From vendor recommendations and timelines to just having someone to bounce ideas off of, I truly never once felt stressed about all of the details and I owe that to Afton! Our day was absolutely perfect and seeing it all come together so effortlessly was the greatest feeling. It is even bittersweet writing this review because that means I'm admitting my wedding is over and my time working with Afton Events has come to an end! You will be in the best hands with Afton and her team and I can't recommend them enough!"


Nicole Z. – married February 2022


"I wish I could give more than 5 stars, Afton was so incredible! The last thing I wanted was to be stressed out over planning my wedding because my weekly schedule with work and school is so busy. I knew hiring a planner would help guide the planning process and alleviate some stress, but I never expected this past year of engagement to go so smoothly, all because of Afton.

Afton is organizing, attentive, creative, and personable. She listened to my vision and understood the level of planning and how hands on I needed her to be and delivered in every aspect. Our meetings were productive and thorough, with great communication in between but again, I NEVER felt stressed!

My husband and I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. After Afton led the entire rehearsal dinner and ran through every little detail, I knew wedding day for us would be a breeze. I did not have 1 vendor's contact information and that was exactly how I wanted it to be! Afton and her team handled every detail, and the day was perfect with absolutely no stress on my end. (Exactly what I wanted!)

My final tip/advise for brides: a wedding venue coordinator for the day of is NOT the same as a wedding planner. Afton is focused on you, and the coordinator is focused on their venue. Hiring Afton was the best decision I ever made, and I would tell everyone it is a wedding MUST to fit in the budget."


Allie V. – married October 2021

"I am truly SO happy that we made the decision to hire Afton to plan our wedding. We got married a few weeks ago and the day was absolutely perfect, stress-free and even ahead of schedule all thanks to Afton and her team. We hired Afton for her partial planning services and she helped me think through and create a mood board that I then used to communicate my vision for the day with potential vendors. It was immensely helpful to me (as I'm terrible at vocalizing what I want when it comes to aesthetics) as well as the vendors, who were able to immediately understand exactly what I was looking for. A few months prior to the wedding day she began to take over all communication and coordination between the vendors- this alone was worth all the money in the world as it would have been literally impossible for me to do while also working long hours 5 days a week. Throughout the planning process she was always there if I had a random question or needed some guidance (my parents are a little clueless about weddings so it was nice to have someone to guide me through everything and tell me how things typically work), she also provided detailed lists, instructions and reminders for everything and ensured that nothing was forgotten or missing. Before you plan a wedding you really don't realize how much there is to do and Afton not only made it possible to do it but kept everything organized and on-track the entire time. On the actual wedding day Afton and her team were so professional, on-top of everything, and just took charge so that I could relax and enjoy the day. I never once felt stressed and will always be so grateful for that. I really can't say enough good things about Afton and our experience working with her, even in the days after the wedding so many of my vendors reached out to me to say how awesome Afton was and how they loved working with her!

Thank you so much for everything you did for us, Afton! We are so grateful for you and for how easy you made everything."


Renee F. – married June 2022

"I cannot express enough how amazing Afton and her team is and how NECESSARY they were to our wedding. My wife and I had our wedding during COVID times and were nervous about how smooth our wedding planning could be. We searched a few planners and spoke with Afton personally and immediately knew she (and her team) would be the best in Chicago to help plan our wedding.

Afton was not only extremely professional and present (yet felt like we had known her for years and could trust her with all important decisions), but also extremely proactive with timelines, what to think and prep for, focuses that we did not think of (my wife and I), and so many perfect suggestions in which we took for our wedding (including vendor options, design/wedding ideas, small decisions that helped to find common ground between families and ourselves with more serious decisions).

On the day of the wedding (and the entire weekend we planned), Afton took charge immediately and ensured all vendors, guests, highlighted family and friends, and over staff knew exactly what to do and where to be at exact times. Our wedding had literally no stress our drawbacks. My wife and I describe our wedding as Perfect (and cannot express that enough).

I would give a higher rating if I could and my wife and I cannot say more amazing things about Afton and her team. We thank you for helping us with a dream wedding and we still are hearing from guests about how our wedding was “the wedding of the decade”. Thank you so much!!"


Nick R. – married October 2021

"Afton and her team did an absolutely fantastic job planning our wedding. There was no detail forgotten about throughout the entire process. Afton made it so easy and fun to plan our wedding. Every step of the way, she provided guidance and suggestions to help make our day perfect. Her relationships with vendors across the industry make finding the perfect caterer, venue, florist, etc. a breeze. Afton was always willing to go the extra mile to take the weight off our shoulders and allow us to enjoy the process. On the day of our wedding, her perfect coordination and attention to detail allowed us to do nothing but enjoy ourselves and spend time with our friends and family. I would recommend Afton and her team to everyone."


Dan M. – married June 2021


Afton and her assistant Leighann exceeded all of our expectations. They were professional, poised, and coordinated a flawless wedding so my husband and I got to enjoy every second of our wedding day without interruption or worry. Having Afton and Leighann was the best decision we could have ever made for our wedding. Not only were we impressed and grateful, our families and guests frequently commented on how wonderful they both were. Many of our vendors had worked with Afton before, and commented that they love working with her because of how excellent she is. Finally, Afton and Leighann are both extremely nice and personable, and a joy to be around. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. We would recommend them to anyone and everyone!"


Jess S. – married August 2021

"We had the most incredible experience working with Afton and her team! Afton managed all vendor communications leading up to the wedding which immediately took stress off of us those last few weeks. Being a slight control freak, I would occasionally reach out to vendors myself only to get the response of "yep, your planner already went over this detail with us."

On the day of our wedding I was able to completely relax and take in all the special moments free of stress because I had such confidence in Afton. It would have been amazing just to have a badass planner who was organized and on top every detail, but Afton was even more than that. She had the presence of a close friend that truly wants your day to be as perfect as possible.

I would be selfish not to share my amazing experience with all new brides wondering how to navigate the planning process. We felt SO LUCKY to have Afton and her team help make our weekend so special and flawless!"


Jaclyn F. – married September 2020

"Hiring Afton to help plan our wedding was hands down the best decision we made! Her responsiveness, attention to detail, and professionalism were unmatched and she genuinely wanted to make it the perfect day for us. Throughout the process Afton asked thoughtful questions and really took our preferences into consideration for each and every detail. Best of all, when we were 60 days from our wedding, she took over all coordination and communication with every single one of our vendors, giving us ample time to prepare for our special day without the troubles or stress that often comes along with the last minute logistics. She worked seamlessly with all of our other vendors and provided extremely detailed documentation of our event so that everyone was always on the same page. Afton always made herself available for calls and in-person meetings and always guided us with a smile. She was also extremely patient when we wavered on certain decisions along the way. On the day of the wedding she was present and masterfully coordinated all of the vendors and handled all of the details to make sure everything went according to plan. Our wedding was exactly how we envisioned and it would not have been possible without Afton. There was not a single point during the wedding that we needed to direct anyone, make any decisions, or worry in general; we were truly free to be present, take in the experience, and enjoy it to the fullest. We can't say enough good things about working with her and would 100% recommend her to anyone else who is thinking about utilizing a planner!"


Bruno K. – married June 2021

"Afton was everything and more! We hired Afton for partial planning for our wedding and from the get-go, she was expertly helpful in helping us refine our vision, create a mood board and have all the little details firmed up before we coordinated with our vendors. If anything went wrong on our wedding day, I still don't know because Afton had it covered! She was there when you needed her but never in the way. As a type-A planner girlie myself, I have endless gratitude for Afton for always being cool, professional and patien with me."

Kelsey C. - married November 2022

"I truly cannot say enough good things about Afton. She was made to be wedding planner and is absolutely fantastic at her job. We hired her to coordinate our wedding 60 days out and that was the best decision we made while wedding planning. My husband and I had a very clear vision of what we wanted our wedding to be like so Afton came in at the end and made everything work seamlessly. She was there for us whenever we had questions and always guided us in the right direction. On our wedding day, she took all the stress off of our plate and we were able to fully enjoy the best day of our lives. I honestly don’t think that one thing went wrong day of. If you’re at all contemplating whether or not you should work with Afton, please do. You won’t regret it."


Cassandra M. – married August 2022

"If you're seeing this review you NEED to hire Afton Events to assist in planning your wedding! I could not have survived the wedding day and the months leading up to the wedding without her. Since I already had booked all our vendors, we hired her for day of coordination which was actually 60 day coordination. Hiring a wedding planner/Afton is 10000000% worth it. She took over all communication with our vendors but kept me in the loop when necessary. She really took on all the stress of wedding planning but actually enjoys doing it! She was always one step ahead of us in the planning process and it really made our lives so much easier. She even served the role as a therapist on multiple occasions lol. She is warm, kind, open minded and also very Type A which is what you need in a planner. I could not be more grateful for Afton and her team for showing up and being the help and support we needed on our wedding day."


Kristen T. – married August 2021

"Hiring Afton and Afton Events was the best decision I made for our wedding day! Not only did Afton step in 60 days before our wedding and handle everything you could think of, she also answered every text and email I sent her prior to the 60 days! She is truly amazing at what she does! With all of the planning documents she provides, to communicating with all the vendors, to creating a weekend timeline, setting up all the décor and making sure the wedding day ran smoothly... everything was absolutely perfect thanks to Afton and her team! I could not have asked for a better wedding planner! Forever grateful for her and helping make our wedding day the most perfect day!"


Liz F. – married October 2022

"There’s a lot of second guessing that comes with planning a wedding, but hiring Afton was never one of them. We knew after our first intro call that we wanted to work with her - she just gets it. Afton was an amazing wedding coordinator and helped our wedding day go off without a hitch. She asked us the right questions which helped us better plan our day and consider options and details that we wouldn't have without her. She shared her honest opinion but fully respected the decisions we made, and steered us in the right direction when we needed it. Leading up to our wedding day, Afton took over all communication with our vendors and ensured everything went according to plan. Afton attended our final venue walk-through as well as coordinated our rehearsal, which was greatly appreciated. When we arrived at the venue on our wedding day, all of the details looked exactly as we had envisioned and Afton made sure that the entire day moved seamlessly. Unexpected things just happen on your wedding day, and you want Afton (and her team!) in your corner when they do. In short, she helped us focus on what matters and let go of the rest. If you are lucky enough to have her available for your date - book her now!"

Toni A. - married October 2021

"Working with Afton was the best decision we made through our entire wedding process. We started working with Afton two months before our wedding and she was sure to think of all the small details I never would have even thought of. Afton made sure leading up to the wedding that was she was in constant communication with me and all my vendors, all to keep the wedding day as organized and seamless as possible. On my wedding day she made sure everything ran extremely smooth and that it was the best day of my life. Her assistant, Mary, who came the day of the wedding to help coordinate was also absolutely wonderful and top of everything. I could not have imagined doing our wedding day without Afton! If I could give one piece of wedding advice to anyone, it would be to have Afton as your planner!"


Carina I. – married July 2022

"Afton was the BEST wedding planner we could have ever asked to work with! We utilized her for her 'day of' services and she made sure our day went as seamless as possible. She was so organized and on top of all our vendors to make sure every detail was carefully thought out leading up to the wedding. She has the best personality, and is so easy to work with. She responded to all of our emails quickly, and whenever an issue came up she was quick to respond and solve the problem. I would recommend Afton to any couple getting married, she is simply the best!"


Elaina H. – married October 2022


"I can not say enough good things about Afton Events. We worked with Afton and her day of assistant, Mary. They were both AMAZING, but I wouldn’t have been able to get through the last couple months leading up to my wedding without Afton! She was professional, organized, and detail oriented. She created a flawless wedding timeline that she, unfortunately, had to scrap and recreate when my fiancé (now husband) tested positive for covid the month before our wedding. Afton didn’t miss a beat, she completely rescheduled almost everything in the last two weeks. I’m blown away by her ability to work with all of my vendors, and managed to keep me sane during the whole process. Guys, she literally replanned an entire wedding in 2 weeks! Our day was not what we originally planned, but thanks to Afton and Mary we had the most beautiful day! Afton Events was the #1 greatest investment when it came to our wedding. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"


Samantha H. – married May 2021

"WOW! Afton and her team were amazing! Our wedding day was a great success and much of that is attributed to Afton's amazing guidance. We started working with her 2 months prior to our wedding date and she helped finalize everything. She thought of details we would have never remembered. Afton made sure our vendors were aligned with our preferences and was easily reachable whenever we needed her."


Kat J. – married April 2022


"Our wedding and all the details involved with it changed multiple times. We were able to get married in the middle of a pandemic, follow all guidelines and still have the most beautiful day we ever could have imagined. Afton was there to guide us with every detail and change that had to happen in order to make our wedding day possible. She was organized, helpful and creative in helping make the day turn out so wonderful. We can not thank you enough Afton for everything you did to make our wedding day the best day of our lives."


Megan H. – married July 2020


"Afton is such a pleasure to work with, I had interviewed a handful of wedding planners prior to choosing Afton, but how comfortable I was with her from the jump made everything else so much easier. With out her insight I can guarantee our wedding day would not have gone as smooth or been as fun for us. My only regret is not buying the full planner package."


Andrea D. – married September 2022

"I don't even know where to start because hiring Afton was the best decision we made! Afton made an incredibly stressful last few weeks of wedding details, enjoyable. With a few covid delays for our wedding, the stress was quite heavy, but she made sure that all decisions were what I wanted. Having her in the meetings with my vendors was extremely helpful as she asked questions I hadn't even thought about. It was so nice to know that she had everything covered leading up to our day! I would have never been able to keep it all together without her.
On our actual day it was an even better experience than I could have hoped. She kept everything on track and under control with so many moving parts. The best part was always knowing that she was on my side for all decisions.
I truly do not know how I could have had the day without her! We are so incredibly grateful for Afton. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"


Lindsey T. – married August 2021

"Afton and her team are incredible! My husband and I used Afton Events to help plan our dream wedding. They made our day so relaxing! They helped us organize all of the details so the only thing we needed to do on our big day was enjoy the moment. I am so thankful that we hired them. We cannot say enough good things about Afton and Leighann!"


Paula Z. – married June 2022


"If you want your wedding day to be absolutely PERFECT, you need to hire Afton and her team. Leading up to our wedding in the final few months, Afton was there to make sure everything was complete. She completely took the stress and weight off of our shoulders, going above and beyond the entire time working with her. She took over all vendor communication so that we didn’t have to. Afton created an organized timeline of our wedding day from start to finish, and completed all final details of our day. On the day of our wedding, she took care of everything so that we were able to completely enjoy our day. Our wedding day was an absolute dream. We really don’t know what we would have done without her! We give Afton and her team a 20/10!"


Alexa G. – married June 2021

"My daughter just hired Afton to help plan her dream wedding. It was the best thing we ever did. We hired her after we had selected most of our vendors. She then finished all the details. It was awesome. She took care of everything so we could enjoy ourselves at the wedding and leading up to the wedding. If daughter number 2 gets married in Chicago too, she will be our wedding planner. Her attention to detail made our daughters wedding what she always dreamed of."


Leanne E. – mother of the bride - August 2020 wedding


"My husband and I worked with Afton and her team for our wedding last summer and that was the best choice we could have made throughout our wedding planning process. We had a short engagement, so while we had the time to book vendors and make most of the big decisions on our own, we were so happy to have Afton step in 60 days out to make sure everything was finalized. Afton was there with us during the months leading up to and throughout the entire wedding day. Meeting Mary was a pleasure as well, and her and Afton were a dream coordinator duo who made our day go by so effortlessly. Afton provided an extremely detailed timeline so everyone in our wedding party knew where to be and when. She has so much experience and truly knows what works for different scenarios, and we are so glad that we found her. Our day was exactly what we envisioned and we had so much fun! What a way to start a lifetime together as husband and wife. We can’t say enough good things and highly recommend Afton Events to any engaged couples looking for help making their wedding vision a reality!"


Kelsey + Mike S. – married August 2022

"Working with Afton and her team helped us tremendously on the wedding day. We did the day of coordination (which actually starts several months out). Afton helped us stay organized, feel way less stressed(especially in the weeks leading up to the wedding), and made sure everything went as smooth as possible on the wedding day. She listened to what our wedding vision was and help make it happen while giving us her professional expertise. Afton and her team were responsive , professional, and great to work with. Highly recommend!"


Myles P. – married September 2021

"We were late to the game in hiring a planner. We hired Afton with about a month to go until our wedding and having recently switched venues because of Covid. From our first conversation Afton was warm, reassuring, and organized. She took over contact with all of my vendors and immediately started working out the timelines and details. As soon as we hired her I instantly felt less stressed. Not only was she there to answer any questions from the vendors, but she was a great resource for giving advice and lent a listening ear to me. On the day of our wedding it was amazing to be able to send any questions or concerns her way and know that it was taken care of so we could have fun. I would absolutely recommend Afton Events to anyone looking for a professional and responsive wedding planner."


Liz K. – married September 2020


"I worked with Afton's team for the first time a couple weekends ago for a wedding at Fairlie in West Town, and the day went SO smoothly! It's so rare to have a wedding day be perfectly on schedule and they absolutely nailed it with ease. I also appreciated her team checking in on me (the photographer), the videographer, and other vendors present just to make sure we we're all doing well. It's always so nice when a wedding coordinator alleviates stress and makes my job a bit easier :) Hope to work with them again soon!"


Jules K. – wedding photographer

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